In the Czech Republic ARIX a.s. is the only company that processes Czech hops following the customer’s requirements into pressed forms (bales) or pellets (type 90 or 45). The most common ways of packing hop products are shown in diagrams. The 100 % authenticity and originality of the variety, including a clear declaration of the growing region, is guaranteed by a graphic, state-guaranteed verification certificate.

State inspections are stricter in the Czech Republic than in other countries of the European Union and forbid any kind of manipulation or mixing of the variety, as has happened in some cases with Žatecký poloraný červeňák outside this country. Therefore in 2007 the European Union recognised „Žatec Hops” as a protected mark of origin for the Žatecký poloraný červeňák grown and processed in the hop-growing region of Žatec.


Only hop products marked with this logo are guaranteed to be 100 % original traditional Žatec hops from the Žatec hop-growing region. (For more information see


Verification certificate

Protected mark of origin „Žatec Hops”