ARIX a.s. guarantees the 100 % quality of the hops it supplies, whether they are grown on farms we have capital links with, or are from other suppliers. This can only be ascertained by direct quality control from the start of the season until the hops are delivered to their destination. The growing year generally begins in March, when the spring work is done. This is when we begin monitoring weather conditions and the development of the vegetation, and our customers and other interested parties are kept informed through regular vegetation reports. It is also necessary to carefully monitor the agricultural chemicals used and their concentrations, for which the grower always provides a written and binding guarantee.


The end of spring and the start of summer is when we get the first forecasts about the size of the harvest, and just before the harvest we can predict the average alphaacid content.


A crucial link in the entire chain is the harvest. The quality of harvesting facilities and driers greatly influences the quality of the resulting hops. There has recently been wide discussion on the suitability of the drying procedures used in the Czech Republic as compared to other hop-growing countries. We are following this discussion closely and we and our customers are prepared to perform certain monitoring operations and experiments.


Our post-harvest treatment and records system allows for 100 % “traceability”, meaning we can trace back every batch of hops used for a certain customer. 


We try to offer something extra. In the future every customer should be able to have a clearly defined region, micro-region, farm, or grower where “his” hops are grown for “his” beer. The use of such a clear source of key raw materials is crucial in the ever more competitive field of marketing. 


Due to the increasing capacity of air-conditioned stores in the Czech Republic it is possible to store both raw hops and finished products in air-conditioned stores at temperatures of 2° – 4°C. Preparations are currently under way for the construction of our own modern air-conditioned stores for 1 350 t of raw hops + 320 t of processed hops.