Crop report August 2006

1. weather condition – August 2006:


30-ti years average
average temperature °C
rainfalls – mm
rainfalls since the begginning the year – mm


Year 2006 2005
max.temperature °C 27,7 (19.08.) 28,5 (31.08.)
min. temperature °C 6,3 (24.08.) 5,8 (27.08.)
max. rainfalls- mm 12,8 (06.08.) 9,8 (23.08.)
number of dry days 13 21



2. evaluation of vegetation:

The hops stayed before the harvest very negatively influed by weather conditions in July- tropical temperatures and draught. Due rainfalls in first decade of August stage of plants improved but cold weather was unpleasent for creating of the cones and resins. Although rainfalls conditions was relatively positive, hops did not create cones, cones stayed open and very small. As far as yields regards it is below average for approx. 20-30%, although we still in July have expected average yield- into our guess was included even hopgardens hit by hails in May. The alpha acids content is on the historically critical level, at the beginning of harvest it has moved in range 1,6 %– 2,5% in case of Saaz variety. Most of growers started the harvest about 25.8.2006, what is approx. one week delay in comparison with last years.According up to dated guesses the harvest of Saaz variety will finish till 10.9.2006 and will follow by harvesting of the other varieties (Premiant, Bor, Agnus, Sládek).

3. Health stage of hopgardens:

Health stage of the hopgardens is good. The biggest problem caused in this year strong appearence of the red spider, which reproducted duriáng heats in July.