Crop report June 2006

1. weather condition – June 2006:


30-ti years average
average temperature °C
rainfalls – mm
rainfalls since the begginning the year – mm



Year 2006 2005
max.temperature °C 31,8 (16.06.) 30,7 (24.06.)
min. temperature °C 1,5 (02.06.) 2,0 (09.06.)
max. rainfalls- mm 28,6 (29.06.) 12,4 (29.06.)
number of dry day 21 17


2. evaluation of vegetation:

The stage of hops was due colder weather in the first half of June weaker. Hops did not reach in most areas the top of constructions at the end of June. Due to the optimal weather conditions is growth not finished and we can estimate long growth by Saaz variety at lest till the middle of July . The blossom of the hops was mentioned only in lower locations. Side-roots are average. The hopgardens injured by hails started due optimal weather conditions with regeneration in the second half of June , but delay in hops growth is remarkable / approx. 3 weeks, anyway would be probably most of hopgardens harvested with yield 0,5-0,6 t per ha/.


3. Health stage of hopgardens:

Quiet cold weather in the first half of June was not pleasent for developing of insects. The hops was treated against downy mildew by Aliette Bordeaux and in case of height over three meters by Ridomil Gold Plus 42,5 WP. The appearence of aphids was weak. Only small part had to be treated against this insect efore aplication Confidor 70WG. It was applied by the end of June, or is applicating now. First characters of falling by red spider was registrated in some hopgardens at the end of June because of very warm weather. These hopgardens was treated according Methodic. Healthy stage of hopgardens is at the moment good.