Dear customers,


Welcome in e-shop of the company ARIX Co. E-shop is mainly determined for home breweries, mini and micro breweries. We offer all portfolio of processed Czech hop products in pellets type 90. Standard package is foil 2 kg. In the case of any more requirements except our mentioned offer (pressed hops, down stream products etc.) please don´t hesitate to contact us. All our products are from the moment of drying hops to expedition processed products stored in air-conditioned warehouse at ±2 °C, therefore we can guarantee high and constant quality.


 We would like to note you, that there are available only a limited quantities for each variety till clear of stock.



Dear customers, let us note you, that due to new implementation of the law on the registration of sales to practice, we will change the business conditions of our e-shop from the 1st of January 2017. The change is only in the way of payment. From this date we will accept only payments in advance to our account.


Hop pellets type 90 Hop pucks