Basic characteristics
Origin: clonal selection in original hops within the Saaz and Auscha regions, it is grown in nine clones
Registered: Lučan (1941), Blato (1952), Osvald‘s clone 31 (1952), Osvald‘s clone 72 (1952), Osvald‘s clone 114 (1952), Siřem (1969), Zlatan (1976), Podlešák (1989), Blšanka (1993)
Aroma: genuine, delicate
Ripening time: 122–128 days




Brewing use: SAAZ is the fine aromatic variety for second and third hopping, eventually for cold hopping. Mainly for pilsner lagers

Hop resins

2,5-4,5 α-bitter acids (% w/w)

2 kg