Hop pellets type 90

Undesirable hops and foreign ingredients are separated from dried hops after homogenization, and they are finally dried to 7–9% moisture. Having been thus treated, they are then ground to powder and granulated. The diameter of the pellets is 6 mm. The pellets are filled into aluminium foil bags filled with inert gas (N2/CO2 mixture). Granulated hops are virtually identical to cone-shaped hops in terms of the content of substances valuable for brewing. Compared to cone-shaped hops, however, they have a more effective utilization of substances valuable for brewing, longer durability, easier and higher-quality storage, handling, and transport.

We would like to note you, that there are available only a limited quantities for each variety till clear of stock.


Vital is bitter variety ,,dual purpose" for first and second hopping

Hallertauer Tradition

Tradition is an aromatic variety for second and third hopping. Mainly for types of beer: lager, weizen, bock.


Perle is variety with good profile of bitterness and aroma for second hopping. Mainly for type of beers: lager, weizen, ale, stout, porter.


Sládek je aromatická adrůda pro druhé chmelení


Boomerang is a bitter variety, "dual purpose" for the first and second hopping. It is very suitable for special beers and cold hopping.


Kazbek is aromatic variety for second hopping, eventually for cold hopping


Gaia is is a bitter variety. „Dual purpose“,  suitable for first and second hopping. Excellent in lager beers.


SAAZ is the fine aromatic variety for second and third hopping, eventually for cold hopping. Mainly for pilsner lagers